Colectivo Zoológico is a theater company based in Santiago, Chile. We create scenic experiences from collective research, experimentation and authorship. The manufacturing seal of our works resides in the mixture of humor, political-social reflections and cameras. Cameras that record what is happening and projectors that flood the space with these images.

We call this mixture filmic performance and, through it, we seek to stimulate the viewer’s perceptive activity to produce unexpected connections between their sensations, their emotions and their understanding.

In ten years of work, we have presented our work in the main stages and festivals of our country and also internationally in Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, Brazil, Argentina and Norway.

Jose Manuel Aguirre

Director and Actor

Juan Pablo Troncoso

Playwright and Actor

Germán Pinilla


Pablo Mois

Multimedia Designer

Paulina Gómez



Paulina Moreno


Rocío Hernández

Stage designer

Paula Aldunate

Graphic designer


Lauréne Lemaitre - Founder. Direction and stage design | Nicolás Espinoza - Founder. Direction | Viviana Nass - Founder. Performer
Paula Pavez - Performer and production | José Miguel Neira - Performer



Macarena Rozic
Verónica Medel
Meme Mujica
Nicole Waak
Nicole Averkamp
Lucía Hernández
Raúl Ampuero
Francisco Jara
Carlos Ugarte
Esteban Cerda
Sebastián Pinto
Tate Morales
Martin Wissner

Cinematography direction, audiovisual recording and photographs

Sebastián Pereira
Juan Cristóbal Jurgens
María Paz Gonzalez

Set construction and stage technique

Daniel Figueroa
Álvaro Salinas

Music and sound design

Daniel Marabolí
Diego Betancourt


José Manuel Navarro
Nidia Vargas

Playwriting and dramaturgy

Bosco Cayo
Sonja Winkel

Costume design

Valentina Iturrieta

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